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There is nothing more important than reviewing testimonials for properties you are planning on renting. They can often indicate issues that may arise at a later date or even if the property is as represented. The issue with testimonials is how to gauge if they are accurate or not. If there are a lot of testimonials to review, it is best to read the ones covering the middle ground as the ones at the bottom of the list may be biased towards always being negative (some people are never happy) and the ones at the other extreme might not have taken the time to fully respond to the small issues, if there were any. If there are only a few testimonials visible, it is important if the company posting the reviews have responded. If they have testimonials that are unedited and display the issues the renter had with the property and the management has taken the time to respond to the complaints, this is by far the best example of a testimonial. Nothing is going to be perfect for everyone, despite what a property owner is wanting you to believe, and having the management take the time to respond and show that they are doping their best to make the property perfect is the best testimonial there is.

Testimonials are tied to each property!

To view our testimonials, you need to visit each property and if there has been a guest entered testimonial, there will be a blue icon with Testimonials written on it. When you click on that icon, it brings up a window where you can read the testimonials for that specific property. These are real guests that have stayed with us. The content has been edited only to remove personal information, to correct spelling errors and to remove comments that have nothing to do with the property in question for instance if they were not happy about the weather while they stayed there. If there was an issue with the property, there will also most likely be a response from someone within the company to comment on how that issue was dealt with.

If the property you are interested in doesn't have a testimonial tied to it, this simply means that there haven't been any guests who had anything to say about it, good or bad. It is important to note that we do not force the guests to add a testimonial, so most simply do not bother. This is also why we have the Verified button showing all the properties that have been visited by someone at our company and confirmed our web site information to be an accurate representation of the property in question. Rest assured we haven't just uploaded some information provided by an unknown owner. All owners have signed legal agreements with us and we take the security of both your deposit and the comfort of your stay very seriously.

Give us a call. We would be happy to help you find the ideal furnished rental in Vancouver or in one of the many other areas of BC that we service.

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